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Nov 13, 2004
Hi All,

Let me start by intruducing myself. My name is Mike Hossom and I am President of the Chesapeake Marine Aquarium Society.

I am constantly looking for ideas for guest speaker for our club. Who would you all recommend as a speaker to give a presentation on Octopi?

Thank you for your time

Hi Mike,

Welcome to! :welcome:

Nice to hear from someone in the Marine Aquarium Society! It's also encouraging that you're interested in someone to speak about keeping octopuses (or about octos in general).

I assume you're looking for speakers in the area, someone who could easily attend your meeting. I'll have to do a bit of research - maybe those who live nearer will have some good ideas.

Welcome to Tonmo! I am sure that Nancy can locate someone for you...good luck !

the speaker does not need to be from my area. The club has some funds to fly speakers in and put them up in a hotel. The only drawback may be that if we pay to get them here, we wont be able to pay them to speak.

The idea about a speaker related to octopuses came about from one of our members getting one in a shipment of live rock. The poor animal will probably not make it since no one in our club has any idea how to care for it.

here is a pic of what he found


Hi Mike,

Well, I thought I recogized that octopus photo! It's been posted over on Reef Central. It was identified by a reliable source as O. mercatorus, which is a pygmy octopus.

Please tell your people with hitchhikers to also come to Ceph Care at - we have a lot of articles we've written on octo care and stand by to answer questions and give help in our Ceph Care forum (quickly, too!). Reef tank keepers do need help with octos - there are some differences in caring for them.

I hope this little octo makes it - I had one live for four months in my invertebrate aquarium and never knew she was there.

And also, I was going to ask for some more information on the speaker you need. Are you thinking of within the next couple of months, or are you planning ahead? And where do you meet? (what city) I think our Dallas Fort Worth MAS chapter must be smaller - it often meets at various LFSs.

:welcome: I love to hear when an unexpected guest graces the liverock! Rummler was a dwarf and was with me for a little over 2 months! He was eating tiny hermitcrabs and frozen prawn. Plus I was able to catch tiny local crabs. I find the smaller species have attitude! Nice website!


I am planning ahead. Our meetings are booked untill Spetember of 2005. We currently have two locations that we meet at. There is a local government facility that we use and we also meet at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. :biggrin2: . We are fortunate that one of our board members is a senior aquarist at "NAIB".


Thanks for the kudos about our site. Please feel free to register on the message boards there. We can probably help you as much with reef keeping as you guys can help us with the Cephs


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