Hello cephalophiles!


Jul 17, 2018
So happy to have found y'all! :biggrin2: I find myself here after reading "The Soul of an Octopus" and becoming completely smitten with octopuses. Nary a salt water fish tank of any sort to my name. So give me a year in salt water tank stewardship and maybe I'll feel competent enough to host an octopus. We'll see.
After a few months I'll be in a position to get a salt water tank of my own so in the meantime I'm gathering information. Thank you chipmunkofdoom2! I just got home from a local-ish salt water fish store, came on here and chipmunk has recommended the same website for a beginner that they did: 52 Weeks of Reefing series by Bulk Reef Supply :smile: I've got my work cut out for me and I certainly appreciate all the help I can get.
See you around!
Welcome! Always great to meet kindred spirits; I'm also tankless. Start with some live rock; cycling the tank makes for a better habitat in any case! But do stick around; you'll get better advice from the resident experts -- and the Search function is your friend!
I'm traveling with my family to California in a week or two, Silicon Valley to be exact. And OMG Monterey Bay Aquarium is only an hour and a half away!!! :pbjt:We're so going!!! :pbjt: Can ya tell I'm excited? I'm using dancing bananas and everything! I wonder if they'd consider a meet and greet with their Pacific Giant... I'll have to contact them. Squeeeeee!!!!
:cuttlehi: Maggie! Very jealous! I have yet to visit MBARI. I am sure they will have a GPO but don't know what kind of behind the scenes tours are available.
Monterey Bay Aquarium was great. All Octopuses were in hiding... Except for the Pacific Giant! He/She was parading around the tank today to the delight of the surrounding crowd. What a sweetie to flaunt his/her stuff while we were there!

Got to see some crazy cuttlefish and nautilus as well. Those cephs, I tell ya, what a wild bunch.

I never got a response to my email requesting a meet and greet at Monterey. But I have since found that the Denver Aquarium has a meet and greet with their Giant Pacific Octo on a regular basis! What a dream come true that would be ☺️
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