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GSP as food?

Jun 3, 2007
Ok, so I have a firefish, a bird wrasse, a green spotted pufferfish, a maroon clownfish, and a scooter blenny. I'm going to upgrade pretty soon to a bigger tank and will get an octopus after that :] I'm guessing that the octopus won't mess with the clown or the blenny.

I'm just wondering if the pufferfish would harm the octo? I'm thinking that the puffer will be squashed in his beak before he can puff up.

The clown will be food, the puffer will pick at the octo, the blenny will attack it with vigour, and depending on the size...be eaten.

It's why we always recommend that octos be kept by themselves!
when i had my octo he was actually being picked on my damsels... and he would never come out and be stressed... once i removed him everything was cake..
A GSP the size of a quarter should be in an SG of about 1.010 The clown and the blenny, the firefish and the wrasse would all be food sooner rather than later.

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