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Nov 19, 2002
i just wanted to make sure this thread made it to the new system. :)

Q: What's the secret of the Octopus Strapless Bra?
A: Suction cups.

That beer looks like a guiness to me, and while I do enjoy a black and tan on occasion, I am not able to drink enough of the heavy brew to make this topic tolerable! Hee hee! How about we have the option for some mexican beers like Dos Equis, Negro Modela or plain old Corona? (with lime and salt, of couse)


Why did the octopus cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!!!!
here is a good one,
When joking around friends, someone may tell a lame joke, and while laughing at the lameness of the joke, for no one actually laughs at lame jokes, you could say,"Quit Octopying my time!"
Get it? Octopi-ing....
Well, it was funny the first time.
PS you should really only tell this to ones who know how wild you are about octopuses. :cheers:
...and when they continue their laughter at that one, tell them, "Hey! I'm not squidding!"

Cuttle it out! That's it. I'm nautilusening to your continuous laughter anymore!

That's "nautilusening"... not listening... get it..? :sleeping:
LOL, nautilusening!!!!

Glad to see the immortilization of groaners. Almost brings a sense of justification for those long evenings in front of the screen, thinking 'OK, now a pun on 'buccal'... can't be that difficult... OMG, I think I'm going mantle, er, mental... wait, that's funny!'

... Almost.

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