greetz and compliments

Nov 26, 2004
greetz to all. :smile:

links via a google search on 'all things octopus' ([email protected]) led me here.

this is the best result of a specific search i have ever had. compliments to and respect for those of you who built this board and who contribute with images and videos of one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. thank you for allowing those like me to benefit from your knowledge.

warm regards

:welcome: Mr. Atticus Finch...

I agree with you - TONMO is great :notworth: I joined this website some time ago and was pretty impressed how many people share my interest in cephs...

Have a nice time here,

P.S.: Your nickname reminds me of my english lessons at high school long time ago - had to watch the b/w mockingbird-movie.. Hehe, any reason you've chosen this name?
thx, Carol. :smile: in my case, addiction would be a good thing. i am hoping they will give me cephalitis (inflammation of the brain). my small one could use the help. jk jk stupid jk

a.f. :biggrin2:

Tiger: the reason is that to which you allude: 'To Kill A Mockingbird', the book by Harper Lee. Gregory Peck played Atticus Finch in the film version which IMHO was very good as well.

hth :smile:

PS: no one ever called me 'Larval Mass' before. i love it. :biggrin2:

PSS. (to below) kudos, tonmo.
Welcome Atticus! You have fun here! Wasn't Gregory Peck a damn fine actor?

:nautiloi: :welcome: