Hi Everyone, Glad to Be Here :)

Jul 23, 2018
Baltimore, MD
Hello everyone. Just joined, figured I'd say hello. I've been keeping saltwater aquariums since 2007. I've mostly focused on marine ornamental fish and corals. A few years ago, however, I started working at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I fell in love with cephs after spending some time with Lola, our GPO (who recently passed away, sadly). Ever since we first interacted, I knew I wanted an octopus of some kind. I recently was able to find a vendor with one in stock (KP Aquatics) and picked one up!

In addition to introducing myself, I wanted to say thank to all the members here. This is the best source of octopus-related information on the entire Internet. I did a lot of researching before I got my octopus. For a while, I would go to Google when I had a ceph-related question. Usually, I found no information, or links to Tonmo came up first in the search results. After a while, I made Tonmo my first stop when I needed some info. I hope that as I become more proficient at cephalopod care that I can offer help to future members.

Thanks again for having me, and thanks for all the good info from all the other members here :smile:
Great intro - and I'm so glad to read your TONMO testimonial... love it! Please DO become part of the fabric in providing feedback, advice, observations, or just general support. It really helps the community and people like you who are looking for help!

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