Great Quiz - Who did it?

VAMPIRE SQUID FROM HELL You are a Vampire Squid from Hell, also known as Vampiroteuthis Diablis. You live in the deep ocean and instead of suckers on your tentacles, you have fleshy black spikes. You also have the ability to glow! How cool are you!

That's right.

PACIFIC TREE OCTOPUS This photo copyright You are an endangered species! Some folks say that you are also a myth - but what do they know! You are so rare that I don't really know much about you, except that you are the only species of octopus that lives on land!

Great quiz!
It was indeed made by our dear old friend lithographette (where'd she go???)... I have an old thread somewhere on my hard drive when she created this...

-- tonmo
Found it!! From the archives (pre-November 2002).... "thisisart" is our friend Lithographette... last seen taking a trip to Italy... :frown: "octomonkey" is Colin... :smile:


Take my Quiz!|thisisart|
I have made a silly little quiz on to determine what Cephlapod you are. To take the quiz follow the link below, when you are done, you will get some html if you want to post which cephlapod you are on your web page. Also, if you like my quiz, please vote for it so it will be on the popular list Offizielle deutsche Nickelodeon Startseite

Re: Take my Quiz!|phil_eyden|
Fantastic! I'm a Nautilus! (and an Omnipobot in your other quiz). I voted 5. One slight problem though; Nautilus look lovely sitting on the mantlepiece. I look repulsive.

Re: Take my Quiz!|thisisart|
Glad that you liked it! I'm sure you could be just as lovely as a nautilis if you had a shiny shell to cover 88% of your body!
just kidding!

Re: Take my Quiz!|tintenfisch|
LOL. That was fun. :smile:

Re: Take my Quiz!|sedusa|
I always did think that I was a cuttlefish at heart, and now I can tell everyone I have proof

Re: Take my Quiz!|sushigirl|
Shoulda known I was a cuttlefish...explains my ability to look plain and boring one moment B), then glamorous and flashy the next :-* -- or blend into the background when I don't want to be noticed! [smiley=bandit] And although I can look cute and "cuttley" [smiley=happy2] I can crush a Crab and suck the life outta it! :-[

Re: Take my Quiz!|tonmo|
cool I'm also a vampire squid from hell. I'm jiggy with that. Great quiz! (..and thanks for the plug!)

Re: Take my Quiz!|thisisart|
I'm glad that everyone is enjoying my quiz! I can't take it, because I already know what the answers add up to. Thanks too, TONMO for putting a link right on the home page. Ahh yes, killing time at work has never been so rewarding!

Re: Take my Quiz!|sarrah|
i'm a cuttlefish too! very cool and clever!

Re: Take my Quiz!|octomonkey|
Well, I ended up being a GPO.... ;D

Re: Take my Quiz!|nancy|
I'm a GPO, too - surprise! I thought I was a cuttlefish! -- Nancy

Re: Take my Quiz!|steve_oshea|
.....I'm a .... wait for it .... giant squid:nyah:

Re: Take my Quiz!|octomonkey|
Nah you made that up.... or did the test until you got it! :nyah:

Re: Take my Quiz!|nikolai|
what a shock.... a former offensive lineman is a Giant Pacific Octo... thats amusing

Re: Take my Quiz!|thisisart|
Don't forget - the quiz is for entertainment purposes only - which means if you don't get the result you were shooting for - then try try again!

Re: Take my Quiz!|krisemo|
Tony, it must run in the family for I, too, am a Vampire Squid from Hell. :smile:

Re: Take my Quiz!|kovu|
cool i was a blue ringed octopus :nyah:

Re: Re: Take my Quiz!|tonmo|
Tony, it must run in the family for I, too, am a Vampire Squid from Hell. :smile:
[/ -- End of Quote -- ] -- Ha! Yeah, mom and/or dad must have had that dominant Vampire Squid from Hell gene.

Re: Re: Take my Quiz!|TaningiaDanae|
.....I'm a .... wait for it .... giant squid:nyah:
[/ -- End of Quote -- ]Me too, Steve-O'! 'Course, I kinda sorta answered the questions with that result in mind.... :wink:
(Was T. danae one of the possible answers? If not, you could add "Are you a flasher?" to the questions.)

BTW, neat quiz and thanks for the site reference, Lith! I was thinking about contributing an "ultimate SpongeBob trivia quiz", but I've got a feeling that by now someone (or many) has beaten me to it. -- The Tanster

Re: Take my Quiz!|amniote|
Mmm... I came out as a KRAKEN as well. I guess the question about ancient waters [/]was the clincher. Shame though, I fancied being a D. Gigas [/]- was that an option?

Re: Take my Quiz!|thisisart|
The options for which cephlapod you can be were limited both by my slight scientific knowledge of the species, and also by the amount of time it takes for me to produce these things clandestinely at work. You can check out all the options after you take the quiz - I just changed it, so that now after you take the quiz and get your result, there will be a button that says see all possible results, and there you can do just that!
P.S. I hav not seen any ultimate Sponge Bob quiz yet - so I say go for it!
Of course, I am a Kraken! (actually, kind of funny...that is one of the sigils of my family's house in Denmark...go fig)
Kind of wish I was more cuttlefish-like though... :frown:

yep, that's me...dead and dreaming...with a k-bar in my mouth.

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