got otto home

Feb 25, 2003
I finaly got to bring home the bimac last night.
It didn't want to leave the bag at first, but after some coaxing it went
into the tank just fine.
It's got about a 2" arm span, and was chasing pods around the rock
after 15 minutes.

Funny part was, it didn't seem to like the sand sticking to it's arms.
So it would be chasing a "bug" around the rocks, follow it into the sand,
and immediatly "jump back" and find another pod to chase.
Arbor Vitae(by Woodruff and Minoqua). Where'd you get that octo? I mean, Foster and Smith don't get them in unless you special order it (I know; my mom and dad have a patient who works there-she's actually the one who gave me the 30g- and she knows I'm after one...eventually). The wal-mart in rhinelander that gets aquarium stuff sells cruddy stuff (someone in my class last year who found out I keep tanks convinced me to help him, and I found out they screwed him over-the "bio-wheel" filter they sold him didn't even have a wheel!) Pet-co in Wasau even sells royal dottybacks as "docile grammas". Pennywise would probably dose it copper... :roll:
:shock: Arbor Vitae(by Woodruff and Minoqua) :shock:
you are in the frozen wasteland
I'm near Milwuakee, and ordered it thru the LFS here.
You could try Gooch's corals in Green Bay, he may be able to
special order for you

as for updates, it took 1 hour to find Odo when I got home.
then I stepped out for a little bit (Pixies concert),
and it took a 1/2 hour to find him/her when I got back from that.

still won't go onto the sand, but it's still getting used to the tank.
Update time.
1.5 weeks later

Odo is hidding all day, and only comes out when the main lights go off.
i reduced the cycle down to 5 hours, with actinics on for 12.

about 1/2 hour after the main light goes off,
Odo starts to peek out of a cave,
then about 1/2 hour after the actinics go out,
then it comes out of the cave and explores.

hopefully, he'll/she'll start to be more active during the day after more time
Glad Odo is doing well! Any pics? As to the lighting, I thought these Bimacs were day active, so as he gets more comfortable, he should start coming out more. Mine got to the point, they couldn't care less if the light was on or not.

The actinics are probably too bright for him - try just a 30W fluorescent bulb and he may come out more during the day. Yes, bimacs are day active!


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