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Got a Cuddle!


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
Very cool animals! Even compared to an octopus!

I am not sure what kind he is but obviously hoping he is a bandensis.

He has already eaten shrimp from a feeding stick and acclimatizing very well. Lives in a 92 corner bow.
Sure here is one.

He actually ate last night about an hour after he went into the tank too. so looks like he is a keeper! Any idea what species?


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I'm going to guess bandesis based on the shape ofthe light blotch on the back, but it could be anothoer species that is just caouflagingin on a typical manner.
I am in Canada. I will try to get more info on where he came from.

I also wanted to ask what kind of lighting I should/could use on him?

Some mushroom corals would be nice to keep.
Cuttles are hard to id from pics, but a closer up/bigger pic would help.
Also where in canada? Knowing might help me make a guess where they guy came from.

For lighting, daylight pc or t5 or VHO would work well for both the cuttle and the mushrooms.

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