Good quality "toy" octopuses???

Jan 6, 2003
Hey, I would appreciate it if anyone here could help me out on this silly subject. A while ago, I saw some posts on some neat octopus could crawl on the wall and another which was some beany baby-type octo toy. Since im obsessed with them like other son here are, I also like collecting items related to them...even neat toys.
I was wondering if anyone on here knew of any octopus toy or could help me out in finding an octo-toy that was functionable...and large...usually I like it if there rubbery...cuz they look and move better that way. No, I don't want the toy octopus to have any robotic parts or move on its own, just a simple toy thats anatomically correct with molded suckers, mabye even a hidden mouth underneath and a funnel w/ a molded gill and eyes...I already have one like that, except its very small...a little smaller than a hand. I want a larger one. I also like it better if it had the webbing between its sure there out there, I just need help in finding one.
That's a dangerous list to post around here. That giant octopus is actually pretty impressive!
The giant octopus is the same one I bought from the Seattle Aquarium about six weeks ago and is presently sitting on my desk. I promised to post pictures of it and never did. It is the same price.

Its sitting on my desk at home--I brought my computer in to school to put in my office. I think it would sit on top of the monitor if not disturbed too much. I think that thing is a must for any cephophile.

Thanks for trying to help out. Iv seen most of those , and I want those too. Especially that giant one, lol. Most of them are either stuffed, or plastic in what its made out of. It would be my dream if there was one that was made out of molded rubber with a realistic mantle, gills and a siphon. Also some molded suction cups, webbing between the arms, eyes and a hidden beak underneath. lol...I have 1 rubbery octopus. It's just that its so small....but so close to be anatomically correct.

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