good pic of kashmir

Feb 24, 2005
check out the irredecent blue that kashmir is starting to develope a taste for


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Nancy said:
Nice pic! Do you think Kashmir is inspired by your blue mushrooms?


Lol, thats funny. Kashmir is now an artist who's seeking inspiration in your tank. You should put zebra print in your tank and see what happens...or even leopard print. I always wondered if they could mimic prints and colors if they are placed in the tank.
Very nice! I've seen cuttlefish mimic bizarre prints. I wonder about an octopus. I know Gimpy can be whatever color he is near, but I'm not sure about patterns. Hmmmm....May have to experiment!
one thing ive noticed has to do with the colored rings in his tank... if i hold up a blue one he turns blue and touches the blue one in his tank... same for every color ring there is!
Please tell us more about the rings, joefish! What colors does Kahmir recognize by touching the same color ring in his tank?


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