Gone fishing

Apr 8, 2004
Yo all, for those not sure of a fishing or fossiling holiday in France, maybe this will help.

took the Wib out for his 1st fishing trip down't road at St. Philbert (not that St. Phil), set up next to bridge over the Grand Lay (river). Found a few bits of belemnite shield on the embankment but now't else as we were there to fish ! yeah right !

this lot is once again mainly down to Mrs.B apart from a couple of Harpoceras sections
Note that not happy with finding just one Nautilus, she presented me with the other one 1/2 hour later :shock:

the 200mm (8 inch) Harpoceras still has a smidge of shell on it hinting of what is yet to be found with a piece of a huge specimen on the underside ! & the larger Nautilus was just sitting on the ground in the sun

we never looked at the otherside of the bridge so maybe next time ?




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What sort of bait did you use on the line to hook that lot? Small fossil crustaceans for the nautilus, perhaps? Small photo of David Attenborough for the ammonites?

Seriously, that collection is awesome. I just can't believe you can pick fossils like that up so easily, it's quite amazing. Your new house will be full in no time!

Any chance of a holiday in the area? Seriously impressed here.

glad you like 'em chaps, bait was a copy of the local geology guide, freelined on 11ft, 1.5lb test carbon carp rod, new Mitchell baitrunner with built in alarm, 12lb mono & size 8 barbless. worked a treat as there's no nauts in the piccies section ! :sly:

I was seriously gaga when the nautilus was presented by Mrs B. but two ?

my fossil store has now had to include an exterior section as my racks are full !

Phil, just so happens gite 1 was started this week but if you can't wait for chez us I do know of various local "place to crash" outlets locally.
Don't panic if you're skint, stick your tent up in the orchard or come off season , bakes to concrete anyway..
just PM if you wanna know more !

on the drive home (10 mins) discovered small local quarry too ! hate it here, I want to go back to UK ! :yuck:


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