Giant Squid Caught On Video

Phil collected 'em here:

After they'd been discussed here:

As an interesting aside, in that thread Steve O'Shea mentioned a mature Architeuthis beak being recovered from a local (NZ) blue shark's stomach. Puzzling, given that blues weren't known to be deep divers, but now we have last year's swell video of a blue shark chomping into the head of a dead Archi floating in Australian waters, burrowing through the eye sockets. In all likelihood, that's how a mature Archi's beak got into that Kiwi shark's gut, not through predation at depth but scavenging at the surface.

Hi, i saw it at last ! ( in french or German)

Great and not only the video itself but the rest (methods used to track the squid).

To bad that camera fixed on the spermwhale with the suction cup broke loose .. anyway interesting to see how the sperwhales are going down together.

Somewhere it confirms again that the first approach to track the squid is automated camera with bait, then after that submarine can be used.

Finally it seem that the arms where all here but smaller. Is the explanation of growing arms after loss still the main hypothesis ?
Damien, with regards to armlength, opinions differ; some would argue that there are several subspecies to be found within the Architeuthis dux nomen. With regards to tentacles, longlining seems to be the main culprit...
Steve mentioned that to make the documentary into a cohesive story, many of the scenes were out of sequence. In the bonus footage they show a tentacle from a giant squid and the one filmed had none. What was interesting is that there was no conjecture that the one found on the fishermen's line might have belonged to the one sighted and I wondered if the e-jelly sighting was before or after the tentcale was caught.
I don't think there would be a way to confirm that. They appeared to be the same size and both missing two tentacles but without a good shot of body scars ... all archi's look alike :wink:
DWhatley;196596 said:
Unfortunately, the video is not available from a US internet connection.

It sound's logical (right agreements).
Whatever, the documentary was excellent (Arte is a good quality channel but a little bit elitist so the audience's rate is never very high .. "hélas").

Just after that there was another documentary also interesting but off topic : "swimming with fish". Two french and belgium apneists/free divers who are also photograph and cameramen). documentary present pictures of swimming in apnea into different part of the world with several species including whales, dolphins, seals, great white shark, great hammerhead shark, tiger shark etc...

Silence allowed by apnea/free diving permits very interesting observation and contact ( including tagging white shark !).

OB;196600 said:
Damien, with regards to armlength, opinions differ; some would argue that there are several subspecies to be found within the Architeuthis dux nomen. With regards to tentacles, longlining seems to be the main culprit...

concerning species/subspecies: I need to read again the posts and papers on that, it is still not very clear in my mind. (8 species or only one with sub species ?) As long we cannot prove the crossbreeding I suppose that only genetic's material can be used to make hypothesis.
LOL, we are used to seeing other countries being blocked from the US internet sites but this was a first for me to experience being blocked because I was in the US. I did have to look up apneists and once I had the proper punctuation, Google did translate. I should have figured out the English was freediver/diving from your comments. Sad not to be able to see the videos. I am sure I would have liked them.
You can check images on google with search on "Frédéric Buyle" (one of the two apneists/free divers , french langage but belgium citizen in fact).

the quality of the pictures he can take is awesome.

This is his page :

unfortunately no squid in his porfolio.

Usually Arte channel organizes the evening on a thema, and sunday evening's thema was sea : giant squid documentary followed by this one, it was a great tv program.

remark : If necessary you can move this last post into a proper subject.
Those photos are incredible! Unbelievable that he takes those without SCUBA! I would try the whale swim but not the shark! And forget getting in the water with a whole school and trying to tag hammer heads! Tiger sharks are beautiful. I would try the little scooter but not the monfin. Great viewing.
The NHK presentation is here, broken into three parts:

Japanese language, of course, but so what?

Watch it while it's up.


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