Giant Squid Caught On Video

Steve O'Shea;194957 said:
but when you see this animal, alive, full-grown, beautiful, well, demon it is not. It is the most exquisite thing you will see, and it is no fleeting glimpse either - you see a LOT for a LONG time, in full colour, full HD, complete focus.

I love the way that SOS described it. I can't wait for this to air! I am so excited! ...And I am very much looking forward to the discussion on here afterward. :tentacle:
I think somebody earlier stated that he had been waiting for something like this since he was six. Same here--and I'm 42 now!

I can't even begin to say how excited I am about this!

Amazed by the golden metallic sheen of the living skin. Wonder if it plays a role in the squid's overall approach to achieving optical stealth. Our Air Force has applied an unusual metallic paint to the F-22 Raptor fighters. It's believed the metallic sheen, in conjunction with the grey values of the aircraft's underlying camo scheme, helps the F-22 to passively match the luminance of the sky at different altitudes. Squid have more control over their coloration, of course. Architeuthis must be desperately hard to spot.

Random thoughts about electrical conductivity...infra-red blocking...temperature regulation...

I can think of a few arthropods with iridescent gold coloration, a few beetles and spiders, and a snake or two, but that's about it. How appropriate that the "Chief squid" should look like a golden idol.

the eyes were not what i was expecting. pictures of the living squids eye seem to have an iris-like structure, but the dead ones dont.


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Hi Pr0teus,

Fake eyes were fitted to that frozen Architeuthis. That's been done to other preserved squid put on display, including the colossal squid on display at Te Papa museum in NZ. The Architeuthis photographed while expiring in a rock pool, Kyoto prefecture, circa 2002-03, showed what looked like an iris. The attached photo (attributed to Ernie Choy), which some believe to be a vintage shot of an Archi head landed in 1981, shows a similar eye structure.




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I've got a question concerning the bait on the picture of this Archi :
was it supposed to be a sort of T DANAE or more like a Thysanotheutis ? artificial or natural ?

What is the size of this bait ?

Whatever the size of this specimen, if we take a look back on all datas that Pr Kubodera has since the first studies ( including the video of T DANAE) .. it is quite impressive.
Hi Damien,

The Japanese-captioned video indicates that the bait item was 1m in length, at the 1:35 mark on the player. As to your earlier post about European locales, the waters off the Asturias region of Spain might also be good places to look for Archie. It was the presence of feeding sperm whales engaging in regular dives that first made the Bonin Islands attractive to Kubodera (and his fellow researcher, Akio Mori). If there are European locales where toothed whales known to eat Archie congregate, those would be the best places for follow-up explorers to look.

Nice finding and I´m anxious to see the full video release!

Let´s hope that this happening encourages more scientific research.

Btw, I think that Azores are also a nice place to look for giant squids.

So, this means that giant squids should be more studied in different places of the world.

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