Giant Squid Caught On Video

I can assure you that you will not be disappointed when you watch the show. In press release and title they demonize the animal again, and there has been an outcry from those involved at their doing so (but I cannot and will not get drawn into the 'behind the scenes' politics of all of this), but when you see this animal, alive, full-grown, beautiful, well, demon it is not. It is the most exquisite thing you will see, and it is no fleeting glimpse either - you see a LOT for a LONG time, in full colour, full HD, complete focus.

I have probably said more than I should have; I am awaiting confirmation that we can talk about it, because this announcement caught us off-guard (we had no forewarning that it would be announced today).

27 January is a day you want to mark in your calendars!
I can tell you that it worked for some things and not for others, and that the three separate approaches (lures) employed during the expedition had three very different effects, but I cannot mention specifics.

I am a socialist at heart, but I can tell you that without Ray Dalio's scientific equipment and love for exploration none of this would have proven possible.
Fantastic. Can't wait.
I am doing a short interview about the possibility of the animal from 20000 Leagues actually existing and am suggesting they push it back until after the Jan 27.
Yea, me too but I can wait on the video with pleasant anticipation if I could just hear/read the skinny on the adventure! I fully enjoyed the Facebook log of what didn't happen in anticipation of finally getting to hear/read details of what they SAW while in the subs.

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