getting to TONMOcon from SoCal

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Mar 8, 2004
Since there seem to be a number of people discussing carpooling from the south, I figured I'd start a new thread so people who care can read it, and people who are coming from elsewhere can ignore it. Of course, I encourage people to start similar ones for coming from San Fran or whatever. Maybe we should start one for possible camping, too-- I like camping, but I don't know if it'd be a pain for the TONMOcon activities or not.

I'm not positive if my girlfriend is going to want to do TONMOcon with me or not, which makes my plans a little fuzzy, but I want to keep track of the carpooling and camping possibilities...
Rona said:
Are your plans WARM and fuzzy or just fuzzy? :razz:
Sorry, just bein' silly......

well, they're not cold and fuzzy, like some of the stuff in the refrigerator... :hmm:
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