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Jan 6, 2005
Dancing between Vancouver and Auckland
I thought I would start up a thread for people that have questions or comments about planning their trip to Tonmocon in San Francisco.

I am really stoked to be going... but slightly less excited about the cost of hotels in the SF area. *sigh*. I have decided to stay at the Best Western by the airport, and commute in to the conference. If there are people staying in that area as well, I will have a car, so I'm sure I can provide a few people with rides!

Are there any other good hotels people can suggest, or possible questions that other members of the community (preferably those who spend a lot of time in SF) might be able to answer?
I think I need to rethink my hotel choice... (currently San Fran Marriott, Waterfront) Need to inspect that this weekend... Also need to provide some details about night plans (Friday night meet/greet at a bar/tavern, and similar on Saturday)... There are some cool places on 9th and Irving (right near CAS) -- there's one place in particular that I've got my eye on... but need to confirm.
Sedna, Is your extra day on Thursday or Monday? Trying to make reservations and the best pricing (that I did not take today but hope it shows up again next week) would have me leave on Monday. I can sleep at the airport and catch a 6:00 AM but did not want to just hang around by myself Sun night. If others will be there, then that would not be a bad set of flights to grab if they offer them again next week.
Our flight in is on Thursday at 6pm, and we leave Sunday night at 10:35, so we'll have the whole day Sun. for the aquarium tour and anything else we can squeeze in! We will have to go to China Town at some point, we at least want to go to Fisherman's Wharf in the morning to see the sea lions on the docks. Julie did say she wants to go to Haight Ashbury, so we really are up for anything! She checked out the zoo website but it doesn't look as extensive as ours in Detroit, but she' up for any good aquariums!
If you are renting a car, can I hitch a ride to the airport on Sunday? One way or another I expect my departing flight to be around that time or sometime early Mon AM.
I am totally down for visiting China/ Japan town! I had some friends meet up there a few weeks ago, and I was not able to join, so I'd like to go and see where they visited. Being a tourist is ALWAYS on my list of things to do! haha! Plus, the wandering Octopus hasn't been to many fantastic destinations recently, so I need to material for my blog! (Tonmocon should be a pretty decent start...)
I was planing on taking a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, then rely on public transportation after that. I've been told that people who drive in MI shouldn't try to drive in CA, we enjoy forward motion and positive acceleration... D, we can still hook up for the day and then all shuttle to the airport Sun evening. GPO87, when are you going to get to SF? How about the rest of you?
Sedan, Fujisawas Sake has mentioned that driving in SF is an adventure not meant for most. I have the BART (with cautions from Google to expect major delays) routing bookmarked on my tablet but need WiFi access to get to it (no data plan on my phone). I wish I could find a routing/nav on-tablet app but so far anything close won't down load to the Nook (I have an external GPS for it)
I will have my iPhone and we will have downloaded any apps for BART or whatever is available. Julie is a wiz with all of that stuff, so I think we'll be good that way. Anyone who wants to hook up w/ us can PM me and I'll give you my cell number!
Merel and I will be in the area from 16 to 22, so plenty of opportunities, our plan is to hook up Friday evening/night and see how things evolve from there. Definite "sees" are indeed the classic waterfront items, Chinatown and Little Italy, but I would encourage anyone to stroll around Golden Gate Park, maybe take a day trip to Muir Woods or Sausalito and catch a drink at the Pied Piper bar in the Palace Hotel, which additionally offers fabulous lunch in their atrium ($$$). Jack's at the Cannery is a "must do" for those in need of beer. Close to a hundred different varieties ON TAP. Champagne enhanced sunset viewing from The Carnelian Room up in the Bank of America building takes one back to the 1970's, smoked glass and all...

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