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Getting started


Jul 20, 2007
I am thinking of setting up another aquarium and have been thinking about doing saltwater. I want to do an octopus setup, but I want to make sure that I fully understand what I am fixing to get into. I am fully aware that feeding them can be quite expensive and that they need live foods, as well as some frozen. I live in Gonzales, La. and was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could go to get live crabs for them to eat(also how big they should be). Also, would clams, hermit crabs, and emerald crabs be sufficient enough for them as for as live crabs go or should I look into other types of crabs as well. Finally, could I use moonlight L.E.Ds as lighting for my Cephalopod or would I need more lighting? Any info that you can give would be greatly appreciated, as well asn any advice for a beginner.:octorun:
I am very new to this as well. So far, all I can say is "research, research, research." Everyone has a different idea, a different answer, everything is subjective. Understand that a lot of this is trial and error, and that you'll learn as you go. Be patient. Be informed. Understand that the local pet stores will just try to make a sell and tell you this will work well and that will be fine, and this and that. Beware that a lot of pet stores have a "NO REFUND" policy on products - so plan and recheck your designs before you purchase!

But for the most part, I take advice from people here at TONMO.com and not from people at the local pet stores that have a friend or once knew a person that owned an octopus...
I totally agree with you on taking advice from the people here at TONMO than the people at the pet stores. I just wanted to make sure that what I was planning to get to feed the octopus was good enough or not. Also, like you said I have alot more research to do before I get one.
Most people at pet stores don't care about selling you a lot of stuff or the most expensive stuff. They will usually try their best to get you a set up that they believe will work. The only way they would try to sell you stuff just for the sale is if they saw a direct reward for it. If they get paid by the hour they shouldn't care about how much they sell you.
Most people at a pet store don't have a very big interest in cephalopods, so they don't know the proper care. That's why it's better to take advice from TONMO. Not because the pet store associates don't care.

The diet will be fine, emerald crabs can be expensive though so if you can get fiddlers or shore crabs those would probably be more cost efficient. You could do moonlights but if you get them you need RED ones and not the standard BLUE due to octopuses seeing blue as very bright.
That's a fine
:welcome: Chrispeno

THe best thing you can do to start with is check out the ceph care info in the articles section, they are written from personal experience and are very good, a great many of your questions will be answered!!

I don't live far from Lake Ponchartrain, but the size crabs that we catch are way to big to feed the octopus when they are that small. I can get some shrimp to feed the octopus, but they will not be live, they will be frozen. I have never heard of fiddler crabs, so I just wanted to find out what they looked like and how big they were. If anyone has a pic or link that I can go to, to see what a fiddler crab looks like that would be great.
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