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getting octopus


Mar 22, 2007
i have a clown fish and a anemone that it hides in will the octopus eat it? the octopus is about 3 to 4 inches they say it is an atlantic reef octopus what type may they be what does that mean?

thanks raudy
Probably. No fish has ever lasted more than an hour with any of my octopuses. Your octo is probably a O. briareus, but I hate to call it without seeing it.
Also the anemone may sting the octopus, giving it blisters and nasty skin lesions. It's not usually a good idea to have the two together. Octopus tend to need a species tank, not a community one.

As for what they mean by atlantic reef octopus..........I think that probably translates into "it's an octopus from the atlantic..dunno what sort!" LFS's are notoriously bad at IDing octopus!

got my octopus today

he sure is cool
only 3 inches he is hidding in an open oyster shell
all you see is two eyes sticking out he tries to get the shrimp
as they go by him