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Getting another Octo


Feb 27, 2003
Well Im back :razz: Couldnt stay away for to long. All moved in, tank thriving.... Water params doin good. Ordering a new octo from Octopets. MAN IM HOOKED :roll:
kind of insidious, aren't they??? the most fun you can have with an aquarium, short of keeping a mermaid !!
Hi Debbie,

Glad to see you back!

Have a look at all the new octos on the List of Our Octopuses at the top of Journals and Photos!

Let us know when your new bimac arrives and its name.

Will DO.... while i wait im tweeking the 6 stage ro/di system i have to auto fill a large container I have.... this is so cool Im so excited i cant hardly wait......Finnaly something to watch other than these boring fish LOL :lol:

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