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frozen raw shrimp at wal mart for my octo!!!


Aug 21, 2004
first le tme say that MY OCTOPUS WOULD NOT take frozen f ood, if he took it he t hrew it out in the water 8 inches away from him

so i got tired of buying the expensive forzen food fro0m petstores and him not liking them

well since he liked crawdads so much i went and bought me some raw frozen saltwater shrimnp at wal mart, becasue they look like a crawdad , their tails and all, and he is chowing down on it right now ,

the nutritional facts had 20 grams of fat per servign and 30 grams of protein

this seems a little high on the fat side, but the package said it had NO FAT, and when i looked at the back side it said 30 grams so i dont know , all i know , is hes eating frozen food, which im excited about