From Concord California


Jan 12, 2007
I came accross this site a couple of weeks ago and decided to join. When ever I'm doing a search on something specific for Octopus, I am always redirected here! So I am guessing this is the best site to learn from. Having a group of people who have experience and are posting about things you couldn't have learned other than trail by error seems brilliant! I can't wait to get an Octopus of my own, and I think with this site and it's users its the best possible way for me to learn what I need. I absolutly LOVE all types of fish and have experience in freshwater only so far. I never even thought about starting a saltwater tank due to the lack of people I had around me that new anything about saltwater fish and tank setup. But now I think I have a chance. With the Octopus Garden in Berkeley, CA so close.... I can definatley see it happening!:smile:
Welcome Suzie9mm

You definitely did come to the right place! There's a wealth of knowledge here that like you said, you would otherwise have to learn with the "trial and error" method. Believe me though, there is still plenty for most all of us to learn about ceph-keeping, and we can all contribute.

I started out with freshwater, and knowing nothing about saltwater tank keeping just like you, got hooked on the idea of having an octopus so here I am as well... a couple of years later. Don't rush it. You'll be rewarded for your patience.
Hey! A fellow local!
When I was living in Berkeley, I always went to Octopus Garden. Erin's a great guy! Great that you support him, he is really thorough with his livestock....he can be a bit on the pricier side, but he always sells some of the healthiest marine animals I've ever seen.
I got my octopus from Octopus Garden last year. It was a bit of a wait, but he is a great guy to work with. Perhaps I'll see you around there sometime! :welcome:

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