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First timer in need a bit of help


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
I have a 52 cube that I intend on putting a bimac in.
Firstly I will say that it is going upstairs and so a sump is not an option. Been there done that, got the hardwood bill.

I have a remora hang on skimmer and about 50 lbs of live rock. Tank comes with a tight fitting glass top, but obviously the skimmer is there so I need to cover it in some fashion. Any ideas on this?

Also what else do I need. I have heard that powerheads are bad new for Octopus so what can I use for water movement. I have a canister filter that I was going to fill with live rock, or bioballs. Would that work?
sounds good to me. in the past i have used plexiglass and cut it to fit snug against filters ect. filtration looks ok. i would put lr in canister instead of bio balls. power heads are ok as long as you put a sponge or something in that order over the intake.
Out of curiosity why would you use LR instead of bioballs?

I was just thinking the rock would look better in the tank.

Should I worry about the intake on the Canister? It is an XP3
You'll need to cover the intake with something like plastic window mesh, other than that, your system sounds pretty good.
I don't use canister filters as biological filters, so I don't know how useful it would be using bioballs or live rock. You'd be better off with standard media in it, I think.

Looking forward to seeing your tank!

In all honesty I am more or less using the canister for water movement. No sponges either. I will try some bioballs, or maybe even some base rock and see how it goes.
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