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First Fiddler Crab

Mr. Fishy

Jul 14, 2007
Well Benny (my bimac of two weeks now) had his first fiddler crab meal today.... wow I have nevery seen him go after my tongs so fast. I worry that some of the crabs I got are bigger than I wanted... some being bigger than Benny. But after working on the crab for quite some time he cleaned the crab very well. He is holding on to the big claw still though I think maybe as a trophy. Swear he is almost smileling at me right now.

Benny is tank bred and raised so he is taking frozen food so how often should I feed him live crabs I know its important but just don't know how often.

Here is the best shot of him I have gotten so far:


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Feed him a small fiddler maybe two times a week, enough to give him variety in his food and entertainment. Don't feed him a crab any larger than his mantle. You might want to blunt the big claw (easily done with scissors) to prevent him from getting pinched (a number of bimac owners have done this).

Do you have a good place to keep fiddlers, so that you can give them to him over a period of time?

Not very far, just the sharp tip so they can't close and pinch. Some of the younger octopuses do get pinched. I believe the tip will grow back if somehow the fiddler did not become food.


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