[Cuttlefish]: finaly got some cuttlefish


Sep 1, 2012
sorry for the late start to this thread but these guys are hard to get pics of when their small.
these two showed up as hatchlings in late January with a batch of eggs that did not hatch so they wer the only survivors and I never achualy hatched any eggs.
I started feeding them on Mysis then moved them into my 40g mangrove tank that I stocked with 2000 pods from reefs to go and also started giving them small ghost shrimp, this is when they realy started growing, the shrimp are tough for them to handle at first but i think the more meaty shrimp give them a lot more useable nutrition than keeping them on Mysis at that point

the first pics are from about a month ago and the rest are from tonite, I have been hand feeding them live shrimp with forceps and im hoping to get them to take frozen from the forceps soon

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