1. alphaceph

    Blue Ring Octopus Tank (Hapalochlaena)

    Bought two blue-ringed octopuses 2 days ago. I have 125 liter reef tank& Over-spec bubble magus curve A9 skimmer, live rock, BioGro bacteria supplement every week etc. Currently water quality is as follows: pH ~8,1, ammonia 0ppm, nitrite ~0,05-0,1 ppm (increased after introduction of octopuses)...
  2. D

    tank size for hatchlings?

    Hello! I'm working with Octopus bimaculoides and looking at trying to rear some fertilized eggs. I would like to raise them in different tanks than the adults are housed in for logistical reasons (mostly to prevent them from going into the filtration system, but also to better track their...
  3. Cephalotodd

    My octopus laid eggs... and they just hatched! What do I do?!

    Hi All - I have a warm water indo-pacific octopus (that's all the LFS was able to tell me about species). About a week after I got it it disappeared into the back of the tank where it laid eggs. From everything I read, I was pretty bummed as I figured it was just going to wither away and die...
  4. OctoSF

    Indonesian Dwarf

    Just wanted to get a quick post up to get some advice. They hatched yesterday afternoon. I will add more when I have time.
  5. BeakoftheDeep

    Success: raising Sepia bandensis from the egg!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, but I've been keeping juvenile Sepia bandensis (dwarf cuttlefish) for nearly 6 months now. I've finally found time to post about what I've learned in keeping them, and hopefully it will help others who are looking at cuttlefish care! I'm working on research...
  6. H

    Hi Guys - Flamboyant cuttlefish owner

    Hi all, Been a member of UR for a long time, now have a big reef and a cuttle tank. 3 adult flamboyants with now over 50 eggs and 1 hatchling. Joined the forum to ask for any advice on rearing babies and to see if anyone wanted some babies (i cannot keep 50 no matter how much i want to spend...
  7. Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Filmed on Vancouver Island
  8. Butler's octopus hatchling

    Butler's octopus hatchling

    See Butler's thread here: https://www.tonmo.com/threads/octopus-eggs.24190/
  9. Butler-o.briareus-eggs.MOV


    Butler's thread: https://www.tonmo.com/threads/octopus-eggs.24190/#post-205990
  10. mother with octopus eggs

    mother with octopus eggs

    @butler's octopus eggs
  11. Babies eating

    Babies eating

    Video from Richard Ross' (Thales); cuttlefish babies eating.
  12. N

    Baby squid care

    So one of the local wholesalers managed to get their hands on a batch of squid eggs of a currently unknown species. My LFS bought some and I'll be going in tomorrow to check them out and offer the owner any advice I can. I'm familiar with keeping octopuses, having kept several, and have done...
  13. T

    Science Research project

    Hello, My name is Sean and I go to Francis Scott Key high school and I own a year old reef tank with zoas, mushrooms and a torch. There is a course at my school called Science Research and I want to do a project on Breeding Dwarf Cuttlefish (Sepia Bandensis). Just a quick thing, I understand...
  14. G

    [Cuttlefish]: finaly got some cuttlefish

    sorry for the late start to this thread but these guys are hard to get pics of when their small. these two showed up as hatchlings in late January with a batch of eggs that did not hatch so they wer the only survivors and I never achualy hatched any eggs. I started feeding them on Mysis then...
  15. S

    Tiny - O. Briareus (Tank Hatched)

    Hello All! First of all I musut apologize for not checking in more. I've been very busy lately; and I intended to journalize my last octopus but sadly it did not turn out that way. This time I fully intend on keeping a detailed journal. A few months ago I aquired a new octopus named Hal...
  16. S

    Bimac Hatchlings

    Since I'm 3 days away from receiving my first bimac hatchlings I thought this was a good time to start journaling, both for my sake and for others who may be doing the same thing in the future. First, a brief synopsis of how this came to be: I became interested in octopus many years ago...
  17. Sarah McAnulty

    Hatchling Bimacs looking for homes

    I'm a student at Boston University working on Bimacs for a senior thesis project. Two of my research animals laid eggs and I've been taking care of the hatchlings for about 2 weeks now. Our lab doesn't have the room or resources to take care of them, so I'm looking for homes for all 30 of...
  18. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: Mama Cass - O.briareus (tank hatched)

    May 28, 2010 - May 29, 2011 No pictures of Cassy yet and I don't expect any soon as she has not ventured out into the daylight. I have seen her during the day for the last week on the back wall in a dark spot behind the live rock but she appears to be sleeping and does not respond to finger...
  19. F

    Aculeatus Hatchlings

    We have found three of them so far. I had not made plans to try raising them, but we have caught three so far. I wish a breeder was close enough to come get some and give them a shot. http://www.tonmo.com/forums/showthread.php?20363-Heidi-A.-aculeatus
  20. DWhatley

    MiniCons: Gainesville, GA - Kooah's Hatchlings

    I mentioned in Kooah's thread that I gave an open invitation to members of the Atlanta Reef Club to "come and get it" if anyone wanted to try to attempt to raise a few of Kooah's young. No one on the forum (present company excluded) keeps any kind of ceph and I didn't really expect much...