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finaly got my octo!


Jul 7, 2003
I got the call the morning on of my birthday. Its a tank raised bimac (it took so long because the LFS owner has a hard time getting TR). So me and a friend went and picked him up, the LFS owner told me he would be trouble because he got out of the tank (he has never had that happen before). After i released him, it took about 10 mins before i could not even find him, i think i over did it with live rock. Finaly 2 days later (today) when i got up and looked the light timer had not turned the lights on but i was just in time for it, the first flash and something DARTED accros the tank. Untill then i had started to think got out and died, but there are only 3 hermits in there (there was 4 but after the first night one dissapeared) And other than falling hermits dont tend to move that fast. So i built up hope again, later i checked again and seen it sifting through the sand around were i now belive the den is. I got so excited i closed my eyes for a sec and it was gone, I grabed a small crawfish (about half an inch long) and stuck it with the feeding prong i wiggled it around were i had seen him, and in about 15 secs he came out of no were and nailed it with a great deal of force. It was quite exciting, he went from brownish like color to a dark black with white spots all over. I tryed to watch were he went with it, but with all the rock and hide'n spots he dissapeared about 4 inch's from were he was. I then droped another small crawfish around the area, and soon enough i seen him come out of a small cave twords the back of the tank, he was not so agressive this time. But the crawfish just sat there, the octo just reached out and slowly pulled it into his cave. Ill try and get few pics of him, but the only time ive seen him so far was in the bag and feeding. But from what i could see it seemed healthy and happy, im sure it explores the tank at night, because there is sand all over the lower level rocks. Ill keep you posted the best i can
Rockthis11 said:
hey BuShIdO,

I dont think it is really possible to overdue it in the LR department. Congragulations on your new octo. By the way what kind is it?

He said it was a Tank Raised Bimac.
Bimac's are TOO common. lol. Everyone has that kind.
Heh, i never thought much about what to name it, i dont name my pets or fish. Ill name this one though, ima name it Waratake (japanese for poisonous mushroom). Its said wa-ra-ta-kay.
well waratakes doing great, no excape attempts that i know of, he eats alot, and has finished off every hermit in the tank. He is just getting to the point were he actualy moves around other than hideing. But it aint all that good of a thing, if i walk slow and he is out he darts off, and for the first time today, he inked when he done it. but he appears healthy, eats suprizeingly well, i fead him twice a day, ill have to get more hermits to keep things clean. But all it all, i like him.

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