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Finally ready!!


Feb 20, 2005
Ok i'm finally ready!!! it put it off for months but i finally cycled a 10 gallon aquarium it is 6months old there is no live rock but it does have live sand and some rubble and a few broken flower pots and some other toys. now all i need is some advice what type of octopus should i put in there i have a canister filter but no skimmer i keep at least 10gallon of fresh sea salt so if it inks i'll immeadiatly do a water change i have successfully had a 30 and 55 gallon reef aquarium for over a year now so i now how to handle that part tell me what you think :smile:
Please hit the Ceph Care button on the top of this page. A 10 gallon aquarium isn't big enough for any octopus, unless you are just starting a tiny baby in there, but you haven't mentioned having a larger aquarium ready to move the baby into when it outgrows the tiny 10 gallon. Also, without a skimmer.... Are you planning on watching the tank 24/7 to do a water change the instant the octo inks?

Also, what happened to the 30 gallon tank with a protein skimmer you mentioned back in February?
i wound up setting the 30 gallon up for another reef aquarium i have read that some of the smaller dwarf octos do fine in a 10 gallon as far as a skimmer goes i can't find one small enough for a 10 gallon is there one? this seems to be going down hill fast maybe i should just call it off :cry: and i thought i was getting somewhere
Anyone who told you that a 10 gallon is big enough for ANY octopus is full of cr*p. Even a dwarf is going to require at least a 25 or larger...the water parameters are waaaaaaay too unstable below 20 gallons, and cephs are picky animals.
Sorry !

Mark said:
i have successfully had a 30 and 55 gallon reef aquarium for over a year now so i now how to handle that part tell me what you think :smile:

I thought you meant that you had a 30 gallon and a 55 gallon, both of which had been running for over a year, but when I looked back at your past posts; you mentioned setting up a 30 gallon in Feb. Sorry about the confusion.

Either way.... Ceph Care Button

Hey, new members..... Ceph Care Button

Anyone want to know roughly what is needed to keep an octopus.... Ceph Care Button

It is a nice little button you right click your mouse when your cursor moves over it. The Ceph Care button is directly under the Tonmo logo on pretty much every single page on this site.

Seems kind of redundant for me to point this out, but it might actually save a lot of time and effort for people trying to find out how to Care for Cephs.

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