Filtration for Octo tank???


O. vulgaris
Mar 25, 2004
i am setting up a 40 gallon tank for a bimac and i was wondering what the standard consensus is as for filtration of the tank ie. wet/dry, skimmers, carbon??? thanks alot guys
Hi Brett and Welcome to :smile:

You can take your pick from these three form of filtration.. wet/dry, internal power filter like a fluval 4 or external canister filter.

The best way to use it it in conjunction with a sump and ideally i use a wet/dry with a large trickle tower. If you use a sump the equipment can all be put there and the octopus wont mess about with it. A sump also increases water volume.

A skimmer is a must!!!!

And fresh good quality carbon changes every couple of months or after an 'inking sesion' by the octo.

hope this helps... for more info have a read at the articles in the ceph care section of the site...


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