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Filters for pygmy octopus

Aug 6, 2003
I'm considering getting a pygmy octopus and wanted to know if a wet dry filter and protein skimmer would be enough, and if anyone knew where to get one. I've got a 20 gallon so it should be big enough for it. Thanks.
yep that would be enough for filtration

getting a pygmy is difficult as most of them sold are already full grown adults with weeks left to live so its sometimes not always worth the effort and many people get upset when they just get into keeping a ceph and it dies of old age

My advice... get a bigger tank and a bay octopus like a bimaculoides, at least they are diurnal too :smile:
The fish store in town has an octopus with a tentacle length of about two or three inches, and the mantle is about 3/4". When it arrived it was much smaller. It's been in there for about a month and is in a ten gallon tank with three - five seahorses and a cleaner shrimp. I think it's tank raised since it accepts frozen food and theback half of the hood is missing, and the owner just says its an octopus, not any particular species. It has no markings from what I can tell, so does anyone have a guess on what species it is? Thanks again.
not much background you giving us but what color is it (e.g. brown), there are too many ceph's to pinpoint just one that is for the meantime unknown, there are a few ceph's that look identical sometimes and pose a challenge for me to identify, you see it's a bit difficult lol.
Sometimes knowing where the ceph came from helps a lot... but as said too difficult to tell from the description

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