filosus,vulgaris,or burryi?

Dec 15, 2007
with my limited knowledge on octos ive been trying to id my new isnt easy to say the least,especially since it doesnt come out often or for long.but i think ive narrowed it down to one of three,filosus,vulgaris,or changing my light cycle so thier on at night hoping to get some photos of him to help with the id.what i do know is it is eating,its color is much better(not white),and its from the caribbean.not much to go on but its a start.
You will be fine but I would have a full day of darkness rather than a full day of light (change your cycle before the lights come on for the day, instead of right before they go off at night). If it is nocturnal it will not be O. Hummelincki.
You're welcome, good luck with getting him out and about. Sometimes new octos hide for a little bit so they can get used to their settings. If you have not had your octo very long, you may want to wait a few more days until you change your light cycle.
ive had it just over a just went in and out of his rock 3 or 4 times,itook a pic but you cant see it at all.thank god the flash didnt scare it.if its going to be active tonight ill try to get some pics.unfortunately i think it is nocturnal.
tread head,
If your new guy turns out to be nocturnal (you really won't know for awhile though and I would recommend patience and not messing with the light cycle) it may learn to feed and play early in the evening if you can turn the light out in the room. My Mercatoris will feed and are waiting for me between 10:30 and 11:00 pm. The two in the breakfast area (our main eating room) come out as soon as the lights from the other tanks go off as long as the room light is also off. The other three feed take a little more coaxing but still repond to being fed once all the lights are off for about half an hour.
my octo was out crawling around under the lights today for the first time(very cool),so maybe he isnt nocturnal.i didnt get close enough to see eyespots.not sure if this helps with id but it was good to see it out during the day.
my octo was out under the lights today maybe its not nocturnal.i didnt get close enough to see any eyespots but it was good to see him out.i dont know if this helps with id but it was good to see it out.
my octo came out under the lights for the first time today.i didn't get close enough to see any eyespots, so i dont think im any closer to an id but it was good to see him out.i took a few pictures but none of them came out very good maybe next time.
I've occasionally been confused when I forget that after uploading an image attachment, I have to pull down the little paper clip icon to include it in the post... is it possible that's what's going on?

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