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Feeding S. bandensis


O. bimaculoides
Mar 16, 2009

my 8 s. bandensis babys are hatched last week. I'm from germany, information are rare on german.

can you tell me if they have to be feed every day? or in what distances you feed.

I think its nessasary to feed them every day right?

best regards and please excuse my english


Hi, one thing i found is that when in a net trap as apposed to a plastic one, the food would easily escape.
yes I know, but i've only one small plastic trap.

So I use two of the net ones with 4 cuttles in each of it. The net is so fine that mysis can't escape, but brine shrimps can, if they are intelligent enough ;-)

Untill now nobody of them wants to eat, i tried every day, but it can't go long to the day they will start. They've hatched last week.

But i wanna know, if I have to give them food every day or is it possible to feed them only a few times a week like it is with octopus?

Please, may you can help?
i kept 10 in a small plastic trap if that helps? with no problems.

Re feeding, think it took about a week for mine to start feeding. i feed them at night, about 3 or 4 times starting when i get home to when i go to bed.

never in the day.
so my first has started today. I putt in macro alge and there was a kind of small flea krab. It's big the cuttle have a realy hard fight with it.
In a few hours I'll go to petshop to get some mysid.
djdime;134592 said:
Thales, at what size did you release into the tank?

My largest is about 1 1/2 inches.

I would usually move them from a net breeder to a nursery tank at around an inch. They don't go into a bigger tank until they are 1.5-2 inches because it makes them easier to find so I can be sure they are eating.
I need help soon, my dealer said he will get some mysid shrimps for me, but he don't so i have a big big problem. I get next mysis this friday.

Is it possible to feed them white mosquito larva for one day? Or isn't that a good idea?

Please help I won't let them die caused of hunger
I don't know about cuttles but I know mosquito larva is a recommended food for seahorses. It should not hurt to try and if they do eat them it would be a good choice for others to know about.
sorry, I don't tried mosquito larve. But I tried water fleas. I haven't seen them eating the fleas, but i thing one or two have been eaten. But thats not a good food for them mostly won't eat them

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