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feeding question


Apr 14, 2005
hi there
i have a bimac thats head is about the size of a golf ball.
ive been feeding him a piece of fozen shrimp every other day. now im having a huge algea problem. do you guys think im over feeding him? what is the proper amout for an octo this size?
You should feed your octo every day and remove any uneaten food after a couple of hours. Octos don't overeat - they have no way of storing food so they need to eat frequently.

Also, please give him some live food such as fiddler crabs to supplement the frozen food.

Yes, we've seen that live food really makes a difference in how the octopus does in captivity...frozen is ok as a supplement, but see if you can find some blue crabs or hermits.
Is the algae green, brown, or red ?
I will feed him everyday and ill get some crabs. Could you give me an estimate on how many frozen shrimp and how many crabs per day. Ive been feeding him frozen cocktail shrimp without the shells (there about an 1.5 " long). Would a shrimp that size be too much or too little everyday?
The algea in the tank is reddish brown and covers the entire bottom of the tank. i usally try and scape it out.
i was thinking of doing a huge water change. but i dont know what percent would be safe for the octo (i have a 100 gallon tank)
i also have 3 power heads with those cylinder filter attachments and a ehiem cannister filter. plus a aqua medic skimmer.
You need to experiment to see how much to feed him every day. Try a whole shrimp and see whether he eats it within a few hours. Maybe he needs even more - cocktail shirmp are pretty small. If he leaves some, then offer a bit less every day. As he grows, you'll need to increase the food.

We just got a box full of fiddler crabs yesterday...and boy is Sach's right that they'll fiddle their way into your heart! I almost don't want them to be eaten!

They're really cute, aren't they? We ended up keeping a whole shipment as pets. I have a scarlet-legged crab that I like very much, too.

ill experiment then.
in my question i said what equipment i have. is that what is causing algae? do i need more equipent eg wet dry. what helps my tank is full of nasty algea. i was alos wondering if octos can love with corals like polyps zoos ect
An aquarium is really a complex system--there are hundreds of chemical reactions going on at any given time. If you have algae problems its impossible for anyone to just say "Oh, if you add x then algae y will clear up." You have to understand where your algae is coming from which requires a real knowledge of your system. That's why octopuses usually are only recommended for experienced hobbyists.

As for octos loving with corals, god I hope not.

You mean if you mix :octopus: with creature below you get :bactritin ?


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A lot of algal problems in cephalopod tanks are related to their diet. Shrimps and crabs can create quite high phosphate levels which will cause the blooms.

Try testing your tank water and brand new made up salt water, you may end up needing to use a phosphate remover or increase your water changes.

Cutting the light levels a bit can also help


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