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feeding help


Apr 11, 2005
hi I was wondering how often to feed a cuttlefish ?

P.S. What's a good temperature for a cuttlefish?

Thanks. :confused:
You need to tell us what type of cuttle first before advice can be given on temperature.

As for feeding, you need to try an replicate the natural diets which is mainly custeaceans and fish. So go for river shrimp/tidal shrimp, crabs, marine fish, feeder fish like salt water millies etc.

Lots are moving onto frozen food now, this being easier to obtain, cheaper often, and disease free, although it can take some time to get them used to the idea.

How are yours getting on with the frozen food Mike? To be honest I havnt given it a fair crack of the whip yet as I still have a fair few Crangon left.

I am feeding juvenile bandensis on one shrimp (at approx 2cm) each per day. Temperature is about 25deg C

As stated above...we really need to know what type/species, etc. prior to helping you out !

Colin, where are the pics of your cuttles ???????????

TBH, i haven't bothered with the frozen either. In a pich, they did take them after some persuasion, but with so many mouths to feed, it would take all nigt just to get them all fed once.

Again, I keep my Bandensis at 25.5 degrees C.

PS: Colin, mine get one crab or shrimp per day, but they are taking down shrimp that are sometime 4 - 5 cm!!
hmmm...it just became a tank bred cuttlefish??? seriously though, which species is it ?

If you're having trouble with the name, maybe a picture, a description, I dont know just anything to help.

Captive bred cuttle sspecies go the range from temperate to tropical, this is why it's important we know first, before shelling out the advice.
OK, here's one of my pics, aptly enough with a shrimp in its mouth!

Yeah Mike, i think 3 - 4cm is about the maximum i have used but I normally try and fish out the head as it s a bit big for the hermits to scrounge in one night before it starts to rot.



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You know colin, i'm not seeing any left overs after feeding time, but to be fair, i have a massive clean up crew, so not suprising.
I only have 2 leg reds and 2 native pagurus to feed on the scraps... have been meaning to pick up a small brittle star from the LFS, prolly do it tomorrow as I'm going in to the wholesalers...

Mike, did you get my email about TMC ok?
Just watch those green brittles - calamari time!!

I did Colin, thank you, and apologies for not replying. On back burner at the moment as I have quite a lot on, but will keep you posted.
hah, got a couple of those monsters at about 3 or 4 years old, no chance of putting them in with cuttles, they are over a foot across! I mean the wee red/brown ones, much more docile
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