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Feeding Bimacs crawfish(crawdads)


Aug 21, 2004
they had soem baby ones at the petstoer and I got a couple to see if he would want to eat them, I know they wont be good for main food source, but I thought it woudl be kool to feed them to him when peolpe are over to look at him

question is though , is how long can crawfish live ins altwater, usually when you put a freshwater fish in saltwater , they squirm and wiggle and you can tell they hate it , I added a crawfish today and it sank to the bottom and has been exploring for 1.5 hours

he definatly spotted it , its just hes new and he doesnt quite feel safe enought to leave his rock very far behind, but he started to , and th en easily went back to his hole

well the reason he didnt eat mine immedaiatly is cause it was away from his rock , ive only had him 5 days and he i still a little shy

\plus he has 50 other hermits, and asteras and nassarius in there to eat while im not looking

and emerald crabs
Your octo must enjoy living among such abundance of food!

I read somewhere that crawfish last about three hours in salt water.

I had a special methods with crawfish. I'd hold the crawfish with tongs and wave it in front of the glass until my bimac saw it and got all excited. I'd always place it in the water with its tail towards her, so she could grab it better and avoid the pincers. It shot away and so did she. If she wasn't expecting the crawfish, it would zoom under a rock.

Female crawfish have smaller pincers, so I always chose smaller females.


well, the reason he has so much food in there is becasue before I got my octopus, I had regular fish in there , I had 2 yellow tangs, a maroon clownfish and several damsels, and some shrimp, but i just got bored with it , I mean I still have all those fish in another tank, but i was ready for somethign new

so far , out of my 3 years with saltwater experience, here are my favorite most fascinating moments.

1. I saw a snowflake mooray eel in the pet store. I alwyas used to watch discovery as a kid and see thsee and other eels thinking man it would be kool to have one of those, adn it was , Mom adn I brought it home and put a feeder in teh water and boom he swalled it whole , it was awesome.

2. The volitan Lionfish. - I first saw these on tv, but i saw one in petstoer about 4 years before i got into saltwater, and Hadnt seen one since until i bought one about 1.5 years ago . he was very interesting as well , but for somereason , I have kept 2 and both have gone blind

3. this octopus ,
I havent been able to give it a review yet

and myabe 4 , will the the cuttlefish from octopets

has anyone had a cu8ttle from them successful
Hi Kirtis

I dont think there has been a really sucessful story from the captive cuttles yet... think they are proving too tricky?
Over here on the other side of the pond crawfish are salt water (spiny Lobsters) and Crayfish are freshwater (look like little lobsters with fat claws) so maybe if you bought a crawfish then it could be a saltwater species... but thats just my Brrrrrrrritish view (sorry it's cold)
That's interesting! Maybe that's why we have two words for the same thing - ours is freshwater, as far as I know. You can even find them here, in the middle of Texas (big ones, too!)

Did you switch the discriptions or the pictures accidentally?

The first pic has claws.

The second one doesn't and has long pointed antenae.


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