farm raised Octopus Bimaculoides for sale


Jun 30, 2003

Farmed raised Octopus Bimaculoides are now available. I sell the bimac's at about 3 months of age, 15-20 mm mantle length for $35.00 ea. I also sell octopus eggs at $10.00 ea and cultured octopus feed (baby clams and amphipods) at $10 for 100 baby clams (size 8mm) and $25 for 100 pods or $75 for 500 pods. Other ceph species are coming soon.
you can email me at ([email protected]), website (
other cultured species from Aquaculture 101 (octopets)

Cuttle fish will be the next species we culture S. officinalis. It will be 6 months to a year before they are available. I will post a message when we get our broodstock.
Hi Jim,

Are your plans to culture any other species of octopus? Also, are bimacs available all year long, or only seasonally?

cultured octopus


I'm looking into culturing the stuby squid (Rossia pacifica) and the Red Octopus (Octopus Rubescens). I will get the broodstock soon and hopefully next summer they will be available.
how hard is it to hatch and raise baby octo? do i need to do anything special to keep them from being sucked into the filtration, or can the swim well enough to avoid it?
Ha Jim I am thinking of getting 2eggs what size tank do you keep you eggs in?

I was thinking of putting the eggs in a 2gallon till thay hatch, then in a 5gallon till thay get bigger growing them out in a 10, and when there big enough the'll say in my 55gallon.

Dose that sound ok?
It's difficult raise baby octopuses. Three of us recently tried this with briareus hatchlings, which you can read about under Journals and Photos. We tried releasing them into a tank with lots of amphipods and some mysid shrimp, keeping them in floating cups and feeding them there, and letting them go in the sump. After about two weeks we haven't had much luck.

Places that are successful like Octopets and the NRCC are using different methods of raising a lot of baby octopuses which are unavailable to us in our homes.

As you probably know already from other postings - Octopets now has cuttlefish for sale, baby S. officinalis.

Also, they are selling saltwater guppies to feed them with initially.

Just thought I'd post this in case anyone has missed it.


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