Mark Montague Caltech

There are a few other TONMO people around, Heather Braid for one. KRin tried to add me and had some sort of technical problems... I think Tani might be around somewhere, too. There's a TONMO myspace group I made, too, but it doesn't have much activity. Oh, and Lou Zeidberg made a Jumbo Squid facebook account.
Is there a better way to tell people who you are on facebook? There are pages of "Nancy King" people, for example, many of whom have no network, no location, and no picture. I guess that's one reason a TONMO group or similar would be good. It would be particularly neat if it had a mashup that let you add "my TONMO name is XXXX" to your facebook page for reference... the TONMO myspace thingie has the problem of "who are all these people that have different names on TONMO and MySpace?"
there is a cephalopod appreciation group:

Facebook public group | Facebook

I found Jason & Nancy there, I imagine there are other TONMOers who I don't have the TONMOFacebook correspondence for... Matt, the group owner, posted a link to TONMO, so he's doubtlessly lurking among us somewhere.
tonmo;103220 said:
i'm on there, not very active though, but I have staked my claim. Tony Morelli Comcast, perhaps? Link me in!

You showed up as Tony Morelli None rather than Comcast for me for some reason, but it's certainly your pic...

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