Experimenting with a cuttle blog

very cool. Im in the process of making a blog for my site, but it wont be strictly for my cuttle section...

looks good.!! Im still uncertain if I have any eggs. Lately, I feel that there arent any yet. The same 2 have sex pretty often though. Are there signs I can look for if they did have eggs somewhere out of site?

Cannibalism happens. :biggrin2:

It was a couple three weeks before mine stated laying. Look for two cuttles 'guarding' an area. Look for males chasing each other, or more than two showing their 'dark side of the force' colors at the same time. I'll try to post some video soon. I have some of an egg being laid!
I can confirm the cannabalism even with younger ones. I have a batch of seven 1.5 to 2 month olds and the largest of the group ate the smallest (runt). I had the runt seperated for a couple weeks prior to this to ensure he was able to eat without competing with the others. Shortly after I placed them back together, he was eaten. This made me wonder if the isolation caused the other cuttles to feel that the little guy was an "outsider" and not part of the pack.

Egg laying video?!?! That sounds amazing. Id feel very lucky if I can document that!

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