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Existing Documentaries?


Apr 27, 2006
Wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured what better place than a Cuttle forum.

Years ago I remember seeing a documentary which I believe was strictly about cuttles. I want to say the name was "Ghosts of the Sea". Has anyone ever heard about this documentary, or seen it? I saw it in England while I was stationed there, back in the '80s. I've done the best search I know how, and have come up with zilch.

The show absolutely fascinated me, and I have been hooked on cuttles ever since. I remember in the nineties asking about getting and keeping them, and the owner of the marine store said it was improbable on both counts. Then the Texas State Aquarium opened in Corpus Christi, and at some point they had a small cuttle display which I had the privilege of seeing. (Thanks to my wife for her patience!)

I was really surprised to find this site, and especially this forum! Thanks for allowing me to ask this question. Maybe I will end up with a copy of that great cuttle documentary.:biggrin2:

I was very wrong about the title - "Ghosts of the Sea"
After digging deeper, especially at BBC UK on the web I have found it! And even though I have seen other documentaries on cephs (though there may be several I haven't seen) I am very confident in saying that you all would LOVE this one! I'm pumped, can you tell?

The real name is: "Aliens From Inner Space"
Narrated by none other than: David Attenborough
Released by: BBC
Link for sample: Amazon.co.uk (Don't order from this British link, or it will be in the wrong format to play in North America.)

I also remembered that our local library had a copy, maybe yours does too. The videography is great, and the voice of David Attenborough is captivating. It is entirely about cephalopods, and focuses a great deal on cuttlefish. Enjoy everyone!


EDIT: Corrected Link
I also have it on VHS but don't have a video player anymore... let me know if you convert it :wink:

The BBC copy I have also has 'The Fastest Claw in the West' on it and is a documentary about mantis shrimps featuring out TONMO.com friend Dr Roy Caldwell (Neogonadactylus)
I would luv to have it on DVD! So far I have not found a source here in the US. Let's post here, if anyone finds a North American seller.

Thanks for the welcome!! :smile:


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