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everything i need to know about saltwater tanks


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 6, 2004
hello i am new to saltwater tanks and everyone that i spaek to about it make me more confused!!!!! bottom line i would like to know everything i nned to get for a saltwater fish tank and how much it would cost me!!! :grad: also i would like to know how much would it cost to keep a bimac (food, water changes, other tankmates, etc.) thanks to whomever answers :notworth:
HI wacky,

We have a lot of good information in our Ceph Care articles to help you get started: just click on the Ceph Care button above.

The cost of the initial set up can vary a lot - I think the latest suggestion was about $20/gallon for everything.

Likewise the cost of keeping an octopus - do you live near an ocean and can catch some crabs and other food for your octo, or will you have to buy it all, including some fresh crabs for snacks? They learn to eat thawed frozen shrimp, but that's not inexpensive and it may be worth it to buy good quality. Water and salt costs will vary. You'll need to make a shopping list and see what costs you come up with. You'll also need to buy test kits for testing your water.

So start reading, and also look at past posts on here on Ceph Care. You can also search for specific topics.

Good luck!
The reason you are getting mixed answers is....

There are many ways to set-up and run a marine aqaurium.
No 2 tanks are the same.

All marine tanks need saltwater,
everyone has an opinion about which is best, and how to mix it.
All marine tanks need a filter,
Everyone has an opionion about which kind is best, ......
(I think you get the picture)

The article in the ceph care is very usefull and gives you a
starting piont for questions to ask
and things to watch out for.
My main advice for starting out is
research what animals you want to keep, set a tank up to best house them
and don't stray from the animal you want.

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