Euprymna scolopes


Blue Ring
Jan 27, 2003
I have some Euprymna scolopes for sale if any one is interested. You can keep 2 in a 30galon no problem 1-2" sand bed and a red light for night time viewing. Very small the size of a grape. 70-73F Email me directly for more info. [email protected]
Very nice! If I wasn't in the process of building a tank for a bimac, I would be interested...neat little cephs! Congratulations!
They are the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid - tiny little guys, adult size a little more than one inch. They are night active and they have a light organ.

They are about the size of a grape, The small ones are the size of a coffee bean. Some mated last night and layed eggs this morning. They are extremely cool and very very hard to come by. They are very interesting to watch hunt with a red light on the tank. During the day, you can only see eyes sticking out of the sand. There are some more pics on my home page. I must say all though tiny, they are extremely exciting to watch. It blows your mind to have this tiny little squid hunting right before your eyes.
hi chris.

have these been CB?

nice to see something else cephy out there
Hi colin
Eggs were laid today so it will be a couple of months before the captive reared ones are ready, provided all goes well. The ones I have for sale right now are wild caught and very small. Coffee bean size. And I must say they are very cute little cephs.
Hi Chris,

Found your website interesting - good photos! I wish you great success with the eggs - maybe it won't be too long before you'll be offering captive bred Euprymna scolopes .

In the meantime, maybe some of our TONMO people will be interested in the ones you have for sale. What is their lifespan? What are they eating now?

Thanks Nancy
Their life span is under 6 months and they are eating small live shrimp about 1" in length. Very cool hunters jumping out of the sand to snag their prey. I am adding some new pics to my site later of night time breeding.

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