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Estimate of cost for having an octopus pet???


Dec 7, 2004
[Moved to Octopus Q&A by Colin]


im currently thinking and reserching on the possibility of having an octopus pet. i've been reading a lot about the equipments and stuff, and i was wondering..from your past experiences, how much u guys spent in equipments and other stuff before u had the aquarium running perfectlyl.

i kinda want an idea of it...

Also... are filters different from skimmers? do u need both or is a skimmer a type of filter? :?:

THANKS!!!!! :notworth:
First of all, Welcome To Tonmo!!!
All of your questions are very valid FAQ's, and the staff has written some really great papers that should answer all of them, all contained in the "Ceph Care" section (second button from the left on the bar above)
Be sure to keep us posted as to how everything is going!
Welcome mate

quick answer....

A fair whack of money depeend swere you live not short or long answer so you wont get a proper answer really.....

are filters different from skimmers?


do u need both or is a skimmer a type of filter?

skimmer is type of filter in a manner, but dont get confused call a skimmer a skimmer an a filter a filter.... and yeah you need both :bonk:

Welcome to the land of confusion......... :lol: :lol: :lol:
antonio101: i am basically a larval mass as well so will say without delay that i am useless to you atm in answering your question. i just wanted to say welcome as well, and add that when it comes to learning stuff in this area of interest, you are in nirvana. i will also add that you are likely to enjoy the community and have a good laugh, too. what can be better than that? :smile: a.f. (also a newbie)
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

This question has been asked many times on this website. The amount will vary according to many things - where you live, whether you are buying new or used equipment, and so forth. I believe the last time someone estimated, it was about $20/gallon - so $1000 for a 50 gallon tank. Some spend this, some find it for less, or even more.

Food can be a major ongoing cost if you don't live near the ocean!

haha, thanks a lot for helping!

Well.. this would be the first time i have an aquarium too. i used to have iguanas.. so this is completely new for me.
i was raised in chile and there my mom would buy a whole octopus to eat but never thought of raising one, so that what keeps me exited...

About the food supply(if i do this), i was thinking of having a separete tank for nurturing some type of shrimps... but what kind of things would u feed them? and how fast do they reproduce?? is it hard ?
This might sounds stupid... but i've seen how in chinese supermarkets they have shrims and clams... would those be ok to feed an octopus?? :mrgreen:

Also.. if i have an octopus and i then have to move to a new place.. is it safe to transport? and how?

Sorry for asking so many questions... i'm been very careful about getting into this, since it'll cost me a leg.

THank you~

(can this topic be moved to the octo Q&A?)
Antonio101, I strongly, strongly suggest you read everything to the basics of octopus, before keeping one. Iv noticed that many people have been coming to Tonmo asking the same exact things you have asked. It's ok, but just to give you strong advice, the BEST thing to do is get a great book about octopus...and read it.
Im also going to say you have to be serious to keep an octopus. Im not joking either. They require constant responsibility, and you MUST know mostly everything ABOUT Octopus...from there eating, to there biology to everything. Thats what I think, because all of this will reflect on how an octopus acts in the aquarium. After you're finished learning about Octopus, then you should go back to this site and read about HOW to keep an octopus in captivity.
All you're questions can easily be answered by first studying about octopus, and then studying how to keep them.
Iv been studying how to keep them for almost 3 years now, and im still NOT going to keep one, because I think I still need a bit more education on anything about octopus. There really meant to be kept by an aquarium expert, and thats exactly what I need to do for keeping an octopus.

If you get an octopus right now, and just buy the supplies YOU THINK are necessary for keeping one, I have no doubt it will die in a matter of a day or 2. They die easily, even if you are experienced. Im just giving you advice, if you already know a LOT about octopus, then you should start off by going to the ceph care section of this website and reading it. Good Luck.
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