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Oct 13, 2004
what all has everyone tried to keep thier octo entertained? Right now I am keeping him occupied with new things in the tank. I put in a new shell, some clean glass vials, lids, marbles, anything clean that I am sure he can't hurt himself with. What else can I do? He is very curious and brave and connot handle anything new in his tank that he doesn't place himself. He does enjoy grabbing and tugging the net when I collect poop from his tank and grabbing my fingers when he's near the top. I really want to keep him mentally stimulated as he seems really sharp.
My theory is that the best entertainment is you! Play with him - tug of war is a favorite. Carol used to run her fingers along the outside of the tank and let her octo chase them.

I'd sit by the tank often an hour at a time playing different games. Sometimes my bimac would entertain me by what seemed to be little dances. I was eventually able to pet her head or hold her arms (she liked to pull her arms through my fingers).

Is there a TV near? Many reports of octos liking to watch cartoons or sports.

Putting new things in the tank is good, too.

I've noticed that he likes to play tug, he snags my net quite often if I don't watch him. He also goes after the siphon when I'm cleaning. He has already grabbed my fingers, the only problem there is he doesn't like to let go and tries to pull me in the tank. I keep looking for new things to put in with him but nothing has beaten the lid. He still has it in his shell and plays with it often. There isn't a TV near him but after I told my boss what you said he may end up with one!! I do notice that he likes to stare at me while I'm working on the computer and I think he has even inked a couple of times to get my attention. I've noticed lots of dancing! He also likes his bioballs. He throws them around and will crawl across them at the top of the tank. He has also started spitting water out of the tank with his siphon. The lid is definitely his favorite. He gave up a shrimp to go after that lid.
Usually people make caves by stacking the live rock (in a secure manner) so that caves are formed. Younger octos can live in a large shell that provides a place to hide. Some people use resin "castles", and still others, clay flowerpots as places for their octo to hide.


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