Egors' Babies are Hatching!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
This morning I counted 5 so far. I populated the tank with my last collection of tiny baby crabs and those little shrimp you find on the rocks. Not enough time this morning to think about moving any. I am assuming they should be ok foodwise till tonight? Are they like other babies that have an egg sack left to feed on? I pissed one off with using my flash and he tried to run away! They are sooooo cute!!!
Wonderful news ! That is one good looking juvenile...can't wait to see more pics.

Congratulations! And what a nice pic - it's hard to get good photos of hatchlings in their environment.

Fingers crossed that you'll be successful. :smile:

Soon they'll be hiding and you'll be looking everywhere with a magnifying glass!

Well....LFS gave me some copepods or tiny local shrimp I catch on the bottom of rocks today. Jess and I went to the Inlet but miscaluculated the tide but found a great supply of rocks for low tide and did manage to get a few more. We hit the $ store and got several small plastic containers, drilled tiny holes and suspended them by the top of the tank with fishing line. They now house 4 babies. Found one dead. Think the bristleworm population has been out hunting. There are still alot of eggs that have not hatched yet. If anyone is near me and would like to give acouple of these babies a try PM me. I was hoping the LFS would take some but they all have reef tanks and I quess that and octos don't mix. I'm hopeful if I can raise even one to maturity that would be awesome. We are going back at lowtide tomorrow for more food.

Thanks everyone!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
amazing pictures, Carol!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your Octo-Nanny skills!

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