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Sep 16, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA
I just wanted to share some observations I had from
watching my female lay her eggs.

The entire time that the female was producing and
attaching the eggs, one of the males (Cuddly) was with
her in the cave where she was attaching the eggs.
When I first noticed the female, I saw that she had
something round and black in her tentacles. Cuddly
came over to her and attempted to mate with her. He
was rejected (hard to mate with your tentacles full of
egg) and then he stayed in the cave with her until she
was finished attaching all of the eggs. When she was
producing an egg, she curled her tentacles (I guess to
"catch" the egg when it came out). I could see the black egg in between her
tentacles. It took her less than a minute to attach
the egg to the rocks. She was not particularly
secretive about attaching the eggs (she knew I was
watching her). Once she laid all of the eggs, she
exited the cave and begged for food (I guess I would
be hungry too after producing 8 eggs in a morning
...). I just hope she is finished making babies!!!

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