Edwina has an Attitude!

Dec 4, 2002
Today I got fresh mussels, broke one open, and wrapped a little piece around my clear plastic skewer to offer it to Edwina. I was quite excited about this, as I was told she was raised on mussels. Filled with pride and generosity, I lowered the mussel down to her. She didn't take it, but instead blew sand at me several times. Then she came completely out of her lair in order to stretch her tentacles out as far as she could and she pushed the piece of mussel 3 inches upward as if to say "You can take your mussel and shove it!" ...Well!...I figured surely there must be some misunderstanding between us, so I tried again. Once again, she pushed that piece of food up the stick, with even more contempt! Then I offered a piece of fresh scallop because she's been taking it and eating it from me so far, and she took the scallop and threw it to the side! ...I've never wished for a digital camera so badly! It was hysterical. I will have to borrow my boyfriend's digital camera to put this on the net. Something tells me I've got a bimac with a STRONG personality. She doesn't hide that much. I can always find her sitting at her lair.
Edwina is Zelda the Warrior Princess

Edwina has taken a small white half clamshell and is holding it like a shield to cover herself in disguise. Before, I could see more of her sitting in her shell, but now all I see are two eyes poking out over the top! A fine time to do this too- because Vincent, the aquarium guy, will be here at 6pm and I wanted him to see her. I tried to take it away from her but she would NOT let go. She is clearly ready for battle should the vikings come charging through her territory.
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She's very social too. She could easily hide in that 75 gallon with all that live rock and I'd never get to see her, but she's always around and even hunts in front of me. My other baby bimac hides all the time. I might see her briefly once a day, sometimes not. They're totally different. Edwina (from Fish Supply) also loves to take krill and scallop from my feeding stick.

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