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May 30, 2000
You may have noticed I'm having a little fun on the bottom of the Forum Index page. Basically am listing some eBay items for sale that might be of interest to you. Just experimenting, perhaps it will stick. Just more eye candy for an already entertaining page. :smile:
Hmm... I've changed it and have limited it only to ammonite fossils (and I've moved this post to the Fossils forum as a result :smile: )... I like the concept (it's fun to look at these items), but I need to find the right place to put it (unfortunately I can't place it only in this forum). Will keep playing with it... it'll end up somewhere... :?
It's a great idea.

Everytime I click on an entry, the screen goes white and 'Blocked By Tweak XP' appears. No idea what is going wrong or how I can get this unblocked. It's quite annoying.
Hmm... do you have some kind of ad blocking software or something running on your PC? This is working fine for me... Anyone else having problems?

Yeah, I've grown fond of it myself, I think I'll keep it there! :smile:
Yes, I have a Microsoft XP addblocker. I'll have a fiddle with it and see if I can exclude e-bay from it. I'll probably end causing a terminal crash with my computer skills!
... final FYI on this, I've moved the ammonite fossil "eBay auction box" over to the Ceph Science menu page (accessible via the left-hand menu, or here)... am scattering a few others in the appropriate places. Thanks!
I've just made my first EBay bid for a fossil :biggrin2: - a rather frightening experience :lol: I'll not tell you what it is just in case I'm bidding against one of you .... but it's very nice :heee:
In my excitement I just dropped a Big Mac all over my trousers, spilling gherkin everywhere. BUT, I'm the proud owner of a magnificent US$37 Orthoceras. Now I just have to figure out how to pay the chaps; when I've done so I thought I'd splurge and get me a nice Trilacinoceras hunanense too (check it out: http://www.indiana9fossils.com/Ammonites/AmmonitesChina.htm) - same company selling the Orthoceras.

Fossils rule (but they are darn expensive!); that'll teach wifey to leave me alone with a credit card :biggrin2: Might go have a dig at a few fossil sites this weekend.
That's a beauty too. It's a bit worrying that the company is selling it as an ammonite when it is clearly a nautiloid. This thing predates ammonoids by 80 million years or so, let alone ammonites.

I've seen the same fossil advertised as the Ordovician Lituites before; I'm not sure which is the correct species name, will try and check it out.
:biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:
I bought the Trilacinoceras too.

Now I'm going to need a cabinet to display these two and all the other goodies I've been acquiring. This is an expensive hobby (but at least you don't need to feed them).

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