Eating an octo

Apr 3, 2003
So I had my first taste of Octopus last weekend. I had it in an appetizer with citrus cured Tuna and shrimp with mango salsa and red caviar. The Octo was surprising in flavor...once I got past the texture. It had an odd cinnamon flavor to it, as my wife noted...kind of nutty or musky too, I thought. I'll probably try it again...

Anyone else have any favorite octopus dishes?

Octomatt :octopus:
Back in the days when I still ate cephs, I had Octopus in a Sicilian style seafood salad, which also included calamari and shrimp. As I recall the Octo had a rather rubbery texture, but tasted OK -- like the calamari. Now that I'm a were-squid, I no longer practice cannibalism, even in my biped form. Chacun à son ceph....

in chunks octo can be a bit chewy...(moreso than clams) although as sushi, it wasnt as obvious....i guess its the way it was cut.... ive never detected any particular flavour when eating octo, so i guess its like several things, being as good as the sauce...

:tentacle: The Yog Shaggoth of Calamari :tentacle:

The texture of the octo I had wasn't as chewey as some of the (bad) calamari I've had. I will say that I prefer (good) calamari over octopus. Still, quite had been boiled, then cured in the same citrus as the shrimp and tuna. Yum...
Personally, I much prefer tender chunks of marinated thigh from cows to the severed arms of innocent cephalopods. But I grew up on a dairy farm, and have a deep abiding hatred of cows. I smile everytime I pass a butcher...
dont get me wrong, i put more than my share of beef away each week, but i still like seafood.... the trick with octos and squid and any other squishy sea creature for that matter is not to over cook.... maybe i should try phil's ammonite recipe one of these days :lol:

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
Ooh, overcooking is a real risk with squid and octos. If you are boil an octopus too long, which is easy to do, it will become tender again if you keep boiling it for thirty minutes. I prefer octopus grilled whole.

If it swims, I want to eat it, and octopus and squid are both very good eating. But like so many on TONMO, I too have pretty much stopped eating octopus except in one or two exceptional seafood restaurants, where you can have them perfectly prepared. Hunger is setting in ...


I would rather eat "two-legged mutton" than an flavoured bubble gum doesn't appeal to me!
Now, where is that pesky cow... :twisted:

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