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Dude, Pool tank

a rabid squid

Oct 6, 2004
wouldnt that be awesome to convert a pool into a tank and swim with your ceph friends. i want to do that and get a Humboldt squid. that would be amazing if you dont mind missing limbs!

just a What If
ive had a bunch of those today
We had one member that was pretty enthused about building a squid tank using a small pool...don't know whatever happened with that.
You might be able to do it with cuttles...?
:biggrin2: Hey, I think I remember you telling me this idea at the TONMOCON convention, right? Just drop some giant filter somewhere off the side... :mrgreen:
Actually, that is still a possibility...our yard is much larger than was expected...sooooo...:wink:
What about a hot tub? I used to work at a place that kept baby Elephant Seals in a converted hot tub. It was a rehabilitation center for seals and sea lions. Someone donated the hot tub to the center. If 15 elephant seals (ok, it was a little bit crowded at times...), then surely one cuttlefish could fit. :biggrin2:
Swimming Pools!

Wow, that is my actual plan for sepia apama. I've had to nix the idea of having a trapdoor bridge spanning it like in "You Only Live Twice" though. What if the victims, er, guests had pennies in their pockets? Wouldn't want any copper near my cephs.
Hey, how about if we make a real big ceph tank...I mean, really, really big...so we don't have to do water changes at all !
Now, it'll have a rocky substrate, some sandy areas, other animals so we don't get bored looking at just the cephs, and different thermal gradients so the animals can pick their own climes.

We'll call it :
The Ocean

Whaddya think?

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