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dream tank questions


Apr 26, 2006
Hello all,
I live in la. and I have set up and maintained a few saltwater tanks. What I whant to find out is what would be the best way to go. I have been caring for jellyfish (extreamly difficult) so the amount of commitment is there.
I guess what I am asking firstly is: does the shape of the tank effect the ceph. I was thinking of a large L shape tank so it can have more territory. Along with that what kind of a filtration, skimming, and or monitoring system would you suggest. The jeyyfish tank came with all of this which let me take some of the thought out of it Jellyfish Aquariums Tanks Jelliquarium Display Ephyra Medusa Polyp Breeding Midwater Systems I would like to have a monitoring system that is hooked up to the computer, so I can whatch the state of the tank closely.
I know I will get a awful lot of opinions here so have at it and try not to cunfuse me plz. lol

:welcome: Bill!! Glad you joined our little world here! There are a number of excellent articles I would suggest you read on this website under Articles, then look under Ceph Care articles. Both Nancy and Colin have written on this subject. When you do come to a decision and set up the tank, we'd love to see some pictures! Good luck!! :biggrin2:

thank you for the quick response,
I have read all of the articles. So I am guessing ( always dangerious) that shape is not a huge factor. What i am looking for from the vets here are some names of products that they have used sucsesfuly to raise thier octos. I have a 210 gal L shaped tank is too large a bad thing. I know that i will make mistakes but I would like to minimise them. so any extra help is welcome
210 would be fine even for a O. vulgaris - a good sized octo. I wouldn't go with anything smaller or you wouldn't see it. The L shape wouldn't be a problem for octos, but could be for cuttlefish (butt burn). Wider is better than taller in all shapes.

I have heard good things about the turbofloater skimmer. A good rule of thumb is to bio-filter and skim at a rate of at least twice the tank volume. Cephs put out more nitrogeneous waste then fish of the same weight, so ammonia buildup is a big problem.

One thing I don't understand on the system you linked to- how big is the sump in case of the power going out? Looks like half height of 24 x 16 which is what? 10 gallons? On a 210 gallon you would have a pool on the floor. I set up 90 gallons for my 240. If it were a water tight enclosure it wouldnt be a problem, but it has sliding doors on the front.

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